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Kitty Plush Toy

Product Features:

Play a classic game of peekaboo and help little ones understand that Kitty is always there, even when they cannot see its face.

Press the big heart to cover and uncover Kitty’s eyes; once babies see Kitty hasn’t disappeared, they will keep the game going while exploring cause and effect.

Add songs, melodies and nature sounds to playtime with the stitched music note and leaf buttons.

Engage little hands with soft textures; surface-washable plush body and three looped ribbons are perfect for grabbing


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Peek-a-Boo, I see you! Watch and learn as kitty uses its patterned paws to cover and uncover its eyes to show little ones it’s always there, even when they cannot see its face.

With the simple repetition of each peek, little ones will be fascinated as they realise Kitty hasn’t disappeared. They will be able to control Kitty’s easy movements by pressing the big heart button, introducing cause and effect. Two milestones, one kitty!

Nestled next to the heart are two musical buttons: press the music note and leaf designs to hear songs, melodies and explore different sounds of nature.

Three colourful ribbons and a soft plush body make this friendly feline the purrfect playmate. Peek-a-Boo Paws is ready to look around and meet it new friend!


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