Care Bears Unlock the Magic Birthday Bear Singing Plush

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Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear loves birthdays, and he loves to party. This much is very clear.

And since someone’s always having a birthday party somewhere, that means it’s never a bad time to break out the cake, streamers, and whistles.

If it’s your birthday, even if you’re alone, you can bet he’s going to be your best friend for the next 24 hours or so, and he will even bring the favours.

He’s like an instant celebration – just add you.

Birthday Bear is all ready to gift!

Squeeze both of his hands to hear him play 2 songs

Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (batteries included)

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Birthday Bear wants everyone to love their birthday!

Besides birthday cake, he loves giving cards and presents and playing party games!

He’s a fun-loving bear who loves to party.

His belly badge is a birthday cupcake that symbolizes celebration – and that’s what birthdays are all about!


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