L.O.L Surprise Tweens Series 2 Fashion Doll

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L.O.L Surprise Tweens Series 2 Fashion Doll

I’m in Be-Tween, right where I wanna be.

Full of surprises & fierce style.

Look out world, cuz here I come.

Introducing the LOL Surprise Tweens series 2!

Unbox 15 Surprises including LOL Surprise Tweens Series 2 fashion doll

Each L.O.L Surprise Tween Series 2 Doll Includes: L.O.L Surprise! Tweens Series 2 fashion doll, fashions, shoes, accessories, hair brush, garment bag, journal, hanger and doll stand and reusable packaging with backdrop.

They are already part of a family, big sisters to existing L.O.L Surprise! Dolls and younger sisters to the OMG dolls.

Collect all 4 L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens Series 2!


These all-new L.O.L Surprise Tweens Series 2 Fashion Dolls have stunning features from head to toe, styles hair, and can do tons of poses.

In addition to their unique cute style, fashions and accessories, all new LOL Surprise Tweens Series 2 come with a paper “journal” that tells a little more about each of them and their personality.

Say hello to Lexi Gurl! Lexi Gurl loves to be playful, but she also has a serious side! She’s a selfie queen, but also a master of photobombs. She looks just as fierce when she matches as when she mismatches.

Say hello to Gracie Skates! Gracie Skates is all about skating life, and you can always find her at the roller rink or skatepark! She loves gliding and spinning, and she knows how to break out the flashy moves and when to chill.

Say hello to Aya Cherry! Aya Cherry is all about comic books and video games! She loves to meet her school friends for matcha and her gamer friends for soda!

Say hello to Goldie Twist! Goldie Twist is all about the glam life. Hair spray? Nope. MORE hair Spray! She alternates between being a social butterfly and a wallflower, and she loves to twist and shout!

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LOL Surprise Tweens S2 – Aya Cherry, LOL Surprise Tweens S2 – Goldie Twist, LOL Surprise Tweens S2 Gracie Skates, LOL Surprise Tweens S2 Lexi Gurl


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