Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Titan Evolution Godzilla 7” Action Figure


Godzilla Figure

Product Features:

Peel to reveal Godzilla’s fearsome evolved form! Titan Evolution Godzilla comes with removable outer skin that is detailed to match his original design, hiding his newly evolved movie look within! The skin can be shed and reattached for endless play and battling!

The 7” Titan Evolution Godzilla offers multiple points of articulation, allowing for dynamic action poses so you can recreate intense battles and relive his most iconic fight scenes!

Complete your monstrous collection with other figures and accessories from the new Godzilla x Kong range. Choose from a wide range of characters, including old allies, dangerous foes, and new challengers to recreate epic battles and awesome adventures!

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Immerse yourself in the epic clash between the king of monsters and the ruler of Skull Island with the launch of the latest movie “The New Empire”.

Experience the ultimate battle of the century with this exclusive Godzilla x Kong collectable action figure, featuring realistic representations of the characters and highly articulated joints for dynamic poses.

The Godzilla x Kong 7-inch Titan Evolution Godzilla figure is highly detailed with intricate designs to capture the essence of the King of Monsters.

From his removable skin to imposing figure, every detail is made to match the new movie, ensuring an authentic representation of his iconic character.


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