Hatchimals Rainbow-Cation Family Hatchy Homes


Hatchimals Rainbow-Cation Family Hatchy Homes

Crack the heart on the back of the egg to find an accessory and hatch the lock on the side to open the home.

There are more surprises to discover inside this egg toy!

Peel and reveal the graphic compartment to find another accessory for your pretend play vacation storytelling.

Inside the package, complete your family with the other three characters, an additional accessory, and stickers.

Decorate the interior and exterior of your family’s egg home, then play out your vacation moments!

With over 60 new Rainbow-cation Hatchimals and four Family Hatchy Homes to collect, complete all nine Hatchimal Families!

Hatchimals CollEggtibles surprise toys for girls are great gifts for kids ages 5 and up

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Hatchimals Rainbow-Cation Family Hatchy Homes

Bring home family vacation fun with the Hatchimals Rainbow-Cation Family Hatchy Homes!

Each Rainbow-cation Hatchimals Family has their own unique look and theme inspired by their favourite vacation activities.

Discover nine new families, including the Wolf Bikers, Koala Campers, Llama Florists, Luau Leopards, Sparkling Poodles, Cat Dancers, Dog Pilots, rare Ice-Skating Penguins and super-rare Unicorn Hair Stylists – they are all so cute!

Each Family Hatchy Home is full of fun surprises: A Rainbow-Cation egg home playset, a small Hatchimals egg with one, two or three babies, plus two hatchimal parents, one little kid, three accessories and more.

Hatch the small egg to find out your family and see how many babies are inside!

Then hatch your egg home to reveal the rest of your hatchimals family.

With four family hatchy homes (each sold separately) there are so many adventures waiting to be had inside the koala camping tent, penguin snow lodge, leopard tiki hut and unicorn glamping house!


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