Kindi Kids Minis Unicorn Carnival



The Kindi Kids Minis all have the same big glittery eyes and colourful hair just like the larger versions! Plus, their head, arms and legs are all posable!

Stand them, sit them and collect them all.

Also included is a Collector’s Guide.

Keep a look out for all the other adorable Kindi Kids Minis that are available! Build up their Mini World with new fun accessories and vehicles.

Kindi Kids Minis Unicorn Carnival

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Welcome to the wonderful Li’l World of Kindi Kids Minis! These Kids are still BIG in cuteness but have been made Mini!

Come and join all the fun of the fair at the Kindi Kids Minis Unicorn Carnival Playset!

The Unicorn Carnival has come to town and Rainbow Kate is so excited to take her friends on all the Rainbow-tastic rides!

Turn the Big Star Ferris Wheel so Rainbow Kate and 2 of her mini friends can go for a ride.

Then spin the Rainbow Swing to take these cute little girls for a twirl!

The Unicorn Carnival has enough room to allow 7 Kindi Kid Minis to ride at the same time and includes one exclusive Rainbow Kate Mini.



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