Hola Baby Tablet

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Baby Tablet

Product Features:

Letter Keys – Press a key to hear the corresponding letter accompanied by a flashing light. Encourage your baby to imitate and learn about the alphabet.

Animal Buttons – Press an animal button to play animal sounds, music and sound effects.

Question Button – When you press the question button, the lights on the tablet keys will turn on and a question-and -answer game can be played.

Suitable for infants aged 6 months+

Product Size: 14 x 3 x 17.5 cm

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Make learning fun for your little one with the Hola Baby Tablet!

Specially designed for babies 6 months and up. This tablet comes with a Q & A game that will help your baby learn as they play.

It features sound effects and flashing lights o stimulate your baby’s curiosity, and helps develop their cognitive skills.

There are nine brightly coloured activity buttons featuring animals, letters, and numbers.

Give your little one a fun and interactive playtime experience with the Hola Baby Tablet.


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