Hey Duggee Squirrel Figurine Set with Duggee


Duggee and Squirrels Figure Set

Isn’t it time for…Hey Duggee!

These figurines are the perfect size for small hands.

Great for imaginative play, recreating episodes of Hey Duggee.

These figurines can also be used as cake toppers with each figurine ranging in sizes from 5cm – 9cm.

Bring some Duggee fun into your kid’s playtime today!

Recommended for Ages 3+ years

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Hey Duggee promotes fun, exercise, learning, and even more fun!

The show is based around a children’s after school group called the squirrel club, which the lovable dog Duggee is the leader of and provides a safe and fun place for children to explore, learn and earn activity badges.

Together they go on all kinds of adventures and carry out loads of fun activities that kids are sure to love playing along to.

This 6-piece classic collectible figurine set includes Duggee (Duggee’s head twists) and all of the Squirrel Club which include Happy, Norrie, Roly, Tag and Betty.




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