Disney Mini Brands Collectors Case

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Disney Mini Brands Collectors Case

Product Features:

Unbox 5 Disney Mini Brands including 2 exclusive minis which are only found in the Disney Mini Brands Collectors Case to complete your collection.

Every Collector’s Case has room for 25 iconic Disney Mini Brands for the ultimate collector’s prize. Can you find them all?

Unbox 70+ perfect mini replicas of Disney Toy brands like Darth Vader, Elsa from Frozen, Mickey and Friends and more.

Perfect mini detail to delight all mini fans!

Find Ultra-Gold minis too

Unbox more capsules to follow the guide and complete your iconic Collectors Case assortment!

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Collect, store and display your brand-new favourite mini brands with the Disney Mini Brands Collectors Case.

Each case stores up to 25 of the most iconic and realistic Disney Mini Brands from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar Disney Princesses and Mickey and Friends!

Each case also comes with 5 Minis with 2 Exclusives that you cannot find anywhere else, which will you unbox?

Find perfect replicas of Disney toy store brands like Elsa from Frozen, Mickey and friends, Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman.

Unbox more Disney Mini Brands capsules to collect the full range of iconic brands made mini!


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