Deddy Bears Blind Bag – Assorted


Deddy Bear Blind Bag

Each 12cm Deddy Bear plush features a bag clip and comes in a blind bag.

Impulsive, fun, and deadly cute, Deddy Bears are the coolest plush collectibles!

Deddy Bears are impulsive, fun and deadly cute!

8 Deddy Bear characters to collect.

11 in stock


Be ready for the spookiest time of the year with these Deddy Bears.

Each 12cm Deddy Bear plush features a bag clip and is presented in a blind bag.

From the fiery “Beezlebear” to the batty “Vambear”, these frightfully adorable plush animals will surely capture your imagination and bring a touch of the wild into your home!

Please Note: Each blind bag contains ONE random character. Receiving the same character is possible. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for bags that have been opened. The design inside is unknown (even to us!) and some designs are rarer than others.


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