Cybot Hydraulic Cyborg Hand


Robot Hand Toy

Unleash your imagination and challenge the capabilities of your powerful Hydraulic Cyborg Hand.

Product Features:

Stimulates the movements of a human hand using hydraulic power for mechanical transmission without the need for electricity.

Suitable for both right-handed or left-handed users

Adjustable device – palm size and finger length

Adjustable finger joints and adjustable thumb

Hand can be configured in 3 ways by changing the position of the thumb: left hand, right hand, and claw-like (with the thumb in the centre)

Suitable for ages 10+ years


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Build your very own Hydraulic Cyborg Hand and experience the fun of a cyborg world!

The Hydraulic Cyborg Hand replicates human hand movements through hydraulic power, offering a mechanical transmission without the need for electricity. It enables each finger joint to flex at vary angles, allowing for precise fist-clenching or palm opening movements.

You can use different grip techniques to hold a variety of items, such as bottles, balls and tiny screws, providing an entertaining and stimulating challenge.

This fun, wearable device can be used perfectly by both right-handed and left-handed users, thanks to its innovative, adaptable design. You can customize the thumb placement for operational convenience, aligning with your personal preference.

Adapt the hand effortlessly to accommodate various hand sizes, including palm and finger lengths. This ensures a snug and smooth fit for both children and adults, making it a versatile device.

The lightweight Hydraulic Cyborg Hand, equipped with four fingers, responds to your fingertip manipulation. Simply push and pull to activate the hydraulic transmission system.

Slip on your Hydraulic Cyborg Hand and have fun with gestures like a thumbs-up, a wave, or shake your Hydraulic Cyborg Hand to astound your friends.


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