Coco Surprise Cones Classic – Assorted


Coco Surprise Cones Classic

Product Features:

What’s inside: 1 x Plush and 1 x Surprise Mini Collectable

Cutest Plush: Adorable and cuddly plush pets to take with you anywhere!

Colourful Cone: Each plush comes nestled in an adorable colourful cone.

Hidden Surprise: Unbox each plush to find a hidden pencil topper surprise, Baby Coco mini collectable inside.

Match the 2: Adopt more Coco Surprise to unbox more Baby Cocos and match them to their plush best friends!

Collect them all: There are 6 cuddly characters to collect including Bon-Bon the Bunny, Fizzy the Bear, Spritz the Unicorn plus more!


Adopt your own adorable pet with the new Coco Cones plush in a cone!

These 6 cuddly cuties come nestled in a colourful cone, just waiting to be taken home.

Mix and match to make your perfect pet collection with 6 plush characters to choose from like Bon-Bon the Bunny, Fizzy the Bear, Spritz the Unicorn and even Mitzy the Kitten.

Pop them out the cone and find a hidden surprise baby hiding inside, there are a total of 6 Coco Babies to collect!

Collect the cute pencil toppers and match them to the adorable plush characters to complete your full collection!

Price is for 1 x Coco Surprise Cones Classic Plush

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Silvy, Spritz, Poncho, Mitzy, Fizzy, Bon Bon


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