Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Starter Pack – Bite Strike


Bite Strike

This Beast Strike Starter packs exclusive training piece allows players to train and develop their battling skills.

All in which will get players match ready as they perfect the ULTIMATE SPLIT STRIKE and work towards becoming a Legend of Akedo!

There are 6 “Beast Strike” characters to collect amongst the Starter Pack.

Collect them all!

Do you have what it takes to become a legend of Akedo? READY, FIGHT, SPLIT STRIKE!

Included in Pack: 3 Battling Warriors, 1 Battle Controller, 1 Accessory and 1 Instruction Manual / Collector Guide

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Prepare to unleash the Beast with the Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Starter Pack – Bite Strike!

The world of Akedo has collided with the wrath of the Beasts to create NEW mini battling warriors to collect and fight with.

From the wildest jungles to the deepest oceans, these warriors have come to battle and release their animal fury against their opponent!

Players can practice and master their NEW Beastly warriors with the Legends of Akedo “Beast Strike” Bite Strike Starter Pack.

Included within the pack is 3 Akedo “Beast Strike” Warriors compromising of 1 Epic Warrior – King Gokong, 1 Ultra Rare Warrior – Dragonclaw Chux and 1 Legendary Warrior – Dragon Fang Nightblade with his Bite Strike action!


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