TMNT Mutant Mayhem Movie Battle Cycle with Raphael


Battle Cycle with Raphael

The exclusive basic Raphael action figure stand 4.5-inches (11.4cm) tall and have 12 points of articulation for battle action moves!

Set includes Raphaels powerful twin Sais that can be stored on the Battle Cycle, and a nunchaku that can be fastened to the side-car wheel for added battle action!

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When the baddies get out of hand and start causing havoc in the city, the Turtles send Leo and his Ninja Kick Cycle to take care of the problem.

Leonardo quickly rides to the scene and is instantly ready for action!

When a baddie is spotted, with the pressing of the pizza lever from side to side, Leonardo jumps out of his seat and swings from side to side kicking the baddies into submission.

If the baddies aren’t taken care of by kicking action, Leonardo drives up to them and launches one of his powerful throwing stars to take care of the issue.

Problem solved! When one Turtle isn’t enough to handle Super Fly and his minions of baddies, the Turtles call on Raphael and one of his brothers to go into action and take care of the trouble!

They’ve taken their friend April’s scooter and modified it into a Battle Cycle with a transforming side car, so any of the four brothers can ride along and fight!

The side car can be positioned on the back or the side, depending on what kind of battle action will defeat the bad guys!


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