Barbie Extra Doll with Pet Panda


Barbie doll with Panda

Product Features:

When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra dolls have a “more is more” attitude, featuring 15 premium pieces that include clothing and fashion accessories, as well as a pet and pet accessories.

Barbie doll styles her brunette, pink-streaked hair with face-framing front twists. With her articulated body, she can strike a pose anytime, anywhere!

She showcases her confident style in a pink cropped oversized hoodie decorated with colourful graphics. A plaid skirt and eye-catching knee-high platform boots make a major statement!

Accessories like a textured headband, silvery jewellery, and an alien-themed handbag inspire self-expression and storytelling fun.

Her pet panda is oh-so-EXTRA, too, with a fabulous purple glitter guitar covered in stickers!

Each doll has 11 “joints” for lots of flexibility, making it super-easy to strike a pose … any pose!

Barbie Extra dolls make great gifts for kids 3 years and up, especially those who love to be EXTRA themselves!

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Barbie Extra dolls rock bold fashions and bright colours, and they make big statements!

Each Barbie doll has their own unique style that’s playful and over the top.

And their pets … each different and all adorable … have tons of personality, too!

Barbie Extra allows kids to explore self-expression through style and offers an exciting fashion with glitter, gummy bears, emojis and stand-out hair – bringing EXTRA vibes wherever they go.

Each sold separately, subject to availability.

Dolls cannot stand alone.


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