Bakugan Platinum Battle Bundle Season 4


Bakugan Platinum Battle

Product Features:

Unleash the strength of the Platinum Bakugan, featuring true metal finishes with the Bakugan Platinum battle Bundle!

Collect all your favourite Bakugan action figures! Experience these powerful Bakugan as these surprise toys take on new shapes and transformations!

Includes: 2 Die cast Bakugan, 2 Core Bakugan, 1 Sunshade Battle Mat, 4 Character Cards, 2 BakuCores, 2 Gate Cards and 1 Instruction Sheet

Perfect gift for kids Aged 6+ years making this a great Bakugan starter pack to kick off your collection of Bakugan action and toy figure playsets!

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Get ready to brawl with Bakugan Platinum Battle Bundle, featuring a Platinum Wrath and Neo Dragonoid Bakugan!

This pack also includes Pharol and Sharktar, 4 BakuCores, 4 Character Cards and 2 Gate Cards.

Your Bakugan just became stronger than ever with these battle-hardened Platinum Bakugan – made with true metal!

Feel the premium weight in your hands as you roll them over the BakuCores!

Watch your Bakugan pop-open and transform into a fierce action figure creature!

These heavy-weight champions will deliver incredible damage in battle like never before.

Face off against your friends with your very own Bakugan and become the ultimate Bakugan Master.

Roll your Bakugan across the metal BakuCores to see it transform with pop open Baku-Action!

Plus, use the included Gate-Card for even more ways to play and earn bonuses!

With new and returning characters Bakugan Evolution features awesome detailing and Faction symbols!

These mysterious Bakugan feature new shapes and uniques transformations for even more battling power!

Add all the Season 4 Bakugan Evolution toys to your collection, including Nanogan and Platinum Bakugan (each sold separately) to build your own dream team!

Collect your favourite characters from the hit show on Netflix and enter the Bakugan Battle! How do you roll?


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