Baby Paws Dalmatian Plush

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Dalmatian Dog Toy Plush

Baby Paws Spotty the Dalmatian is a delightful and interactive plush toy that offers a unique play experience for children.

Product Features:

Soft and Cuddly: This plush dog is incredibly soft and cuddly. Your child will love hugging, snuggling, and playing with Spotty, providing lots of comfort and fun.

Durable Quality: Baby Paws is known for its quality and durability. Spotty is no exception. Spotty is designed to last and become a faithful companion to your child for many years to come.

Creative Play: Spotty the Dalmatian encourages creative play and imagination. Your child can create imaginary games and embark on countless adventures together.

Makes the Perfect Gift: This adorable plush dog also makes a great gift for any child. It’s sure to bring lots of smiles and joy.

Includes – Baby Paws Dalmatian Plush Toy

2 x Accessories – 1 Dummy and Swaddling Bag

Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (demo batteries included)

Suitable for ages 18+ months

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Baby Paws are the cutest puppies, who love to be carried around with you, wherever you go.

Take away their dummy and watch them open their eyes for the first time while making cute sounds.

They are simply adorable! When you take them out of their blanket you will discover their soft and fluffy body!

When it’s time to go to sleep, give them their dummy and they will fall asleep while making puppy-like sounds.

They include a swaddle bag, so you can take your puppy with you on your daytime adventures.

The Baby Paws plush are extremely cuddly making them perfect for playtime fun or nighttime cuddles.

It’s cute design and realistic features make it a perfect gift for young children.


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