Akedo Power Storm Giants S4


Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Giants S4


2 NEW Giants with NEW fighting styles and game play!

Collect them all!

These Giant Arcade Warriors have double the defence with Double Strike Armor!

Hit them once to remove their armour then hit them again for an epic Split Strike!

Each Giant is power-boosted by one of the Elements!

Players can battle against each other using the new Giants fighting style – Ultraslicer Action!

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Follow usage instructions carefully.

Suitable for Ages 6+ years


The Legends of Akedo are back and ready for some “Elemental Battle Action” with the Legends of Akedo Power Storm Giants S4!

Amped Up with Elemental Powers, the Akedo Warrior Giants are Back to battle with new fighting styles and game play!

There are 2 new Giant Battling Warriors to collect and battle with throughout the Power Storm Series 4.

Plus, each Giant is power-boosted by one of the elements.

Thoraxis is powered up by the element of Lightning.

Screenshot 2.0 is powered up by Light.

Both of these new Giants have a new Ultraslicer fighting style with “Ultraslicer Action”!

Legends of Akedo Power Storm Giants Single Packs include one Akedo Battling Warrior and one Button Bash Controller.

Level up your skill and strategy with their new elemental battle abilities as you battle with friends to become the “Ultimate Arcade Warrior” with the Power Storm Giants!

Ready! Fight! Split Strike!

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Akedo Powerstorm Giant S4

Screenshot 2.0, Thoraxis


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